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A project born out of the need to make filing easier for individuals and companies, allowing users to trace their spending history easily. One2Cloud provides comprehensive cloud services to CamClaim, making use of a seamless integration with AWS solutions. These services include scalable storage using Amazon S3, ensuring high availability through Amazon EC2 instances, and robust data security with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) controls. One2Cloud leverages the power of AWS multi-cloud architecture to guarantee that the most stringent security protocols are put in place to safeguard the data of CamClaim users.

Fanttech is a decentralized storage solution enabling data exchange between Web2 and Web3. Acting as a data access point, it allows access to data encrypted and stored across various layer 1 decentralized storage players as well as established cloud service providers, including AWS. With One2Cloud onboard enabling the Web2 solution, the project had a successful start, benefiting from the integration with AWS services like Amazon EBS for efficient block storage and Amazon RDS for managed database services.

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