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A project born out of the need for human-readable wallet addresses in the crypto world turning into a decentralized name service built on Polygon, allowing users to translate their unique string of random letters and numbers to human-readable names.

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Serving as a global identifier in the Web3 decentralized network, a gateway to other Web3 dApp and functioning as a connector within Web3 world.

One2Cloud provides cloud services to EDNS Domains, which include storage and security, utilizing the multi-cloud to ensure the protocols are put in place to secure the data.

DeDrive is a decentralized storage solution enabling the data exchange between Web2 and Web3.

Acting as a data access point to access data encrypted and stored at ease throughout different layer 1 decentralized storage players as well as established cloud service providers, making it a Web2 and Web3 hybrid solution for storage, with One2Cloud on board enabling the Web2 solution, the project had a successful start.

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